School Board At Standstill On Basketball Season

During a special called Leland School District Board of Trustees meeting last Friday morning, the trustees continued to be divided 2 to 2 and unable to come to a consensus to move forward. This time, however, the division isn’t over the renovations of the football stadium (even though that continues to be on hold), but, rather, about this year’s basketball season. “We gave football an opportunity to play, and we should give the basketball program an opportunity to play,” said Board President Brandon Taylor. Agreeing with letting the basketball program move forward is Trustee Evelyn Murray. Disagreeing with moving forward are Trustees Charles Patterson and Joanne Williams. “We already voted no on Fall sports,” said Patterson. “We still have a COVID problem and I’m not willing to put these kids and the community at risk.” Murray advised that the Fall sports, according to the Mississippi High School Athletic Association, includes football, but the association defines basketball as a winter sport, so it had not been voted on. School Superintendent Jessie King asked if another meeting could be held to continue the discussion, but both Patterson and Williams said they would not participate. It seems as if little progress will be made with the School District until after a new School Board Trustee is elected on November 3- The Leland Progress LLC